Online Casino's

The other day I did a search on Google to see what people promote to make money fast or quick on the net. Most of the hits that were returned was about online gambling or sports betting. The worst was that people promoting or selling these systems actually guarantee that you will make money with it.

I was dumbfounded. How can anyone guarantee that you can make money with gambling? The sad fact is, that they cannot. But for people that are desperate for cash, this is their escape. They don't think about what would happen if they loose. They don't care. Someone has made them a promise that they would make easy money with this and they don't care. It's a guarantee, after all.

My friends, take my advise. Stay away!. I mean it

Casino's exist because they bargain on you loosing. That's it. If you start to win you will probably be thrown out of the casino. They don't care who you are. So lot's of people think that online casino's are different. No one can throw you out. You can apply strategies there cause the croupier cannot see you. He cannot see you making notes or counting cards or whatever people do to win. To be honest, online casino's are worse. 

You see, with online casino's it's a program that runs. Yep, I know, you are not stupid, of course it's programs. The difference is that these programs know all the tricks. The programmers are not stupid and they will make sure that you loose. They might let you win a little just to get you to spend more. 

Let's take black jack. The program can give you any card that it wants. It will evaluate your position, and your cards and based on the situation, give you crap cards so you loose. 

Let's take roulette. Trying to win from picking a number is just about impossible. Whatever you select, the program will just spew out another number. "Come on", you say. "In a real live casino it's also difficult. I would rather play the colors." 

Ah, the colors red or black. Fifty fifty chance. Let's have a look. 

You bet $10 on red. The wheel spins and falls on black. You keep your money on red but double it. Now you have $20 on red. The wheel spins, it's black again. No problem, you have lost $30 to make it back you need to place $40 on red. 

The wheel spins it falls on red. Great stuff, you have your $30 back and made $10. Let's go again. This time you start with $10 on black. The wheel spins and falls on red. You get the idea. You basically double your money on a color until the ball hits your color. You then make your money back, plus $10. It looks like you cannot loose with this method. 

Well, if you do this in a real casino, you will be thrown out before you even have time to celebrate. Remember one thing, casino's would not exist if they lost money. With this method they would. So, now you say let's go online. They cannot throw you out. Big mistake. You see, you are playing against a program. It will pick up that you double your money on the same color and then just continuously let the ball fall on the other color. That's just how it is. You cannot win!.

There are other methods like the one I explained, but all of them fail at some stage. The program will pick up that you are winning and will adapt to make you loose. Rather spend your money on systems such as Be Motivated Today, at least you are sure of some returns with this system. I think a company like Diverse FX will also give you a better chance of winning than online casino's.

It's not my place to slam casino's or methods that people promote. All I'm saying is, be careful. You will loose more than you win. Rather take your hard earned money and invest in a system like Be Motivated Today. With Be Motivated Today you can build a great passive income that will be there for life. You can even pass it on to your children. 

There is no thing like getting rich quick. There is no thing like making money doing nothing. It does not exist. So please, think before you waste you hard earned money on gambling or online casino's.