BMT Marketing
How do I get people to sign up?

When I signed up with Be Motivated Today (BMT) I really racked my brain on how I'm going to get people to join. When I signed up as a trial member it took me two weeks to get to the point where I joined as a silver member. 

At first I was sceptical but when I realised the potential of the system, I was hooked. This was something that could work. It's going to take time, but this will work, but I needed to get people to signed up. 

But before I discuss some methods of BMT marketing,  lets first look at BMT and what it can do for you. I think the bigest mistake we all make is the fact that we think about the money. 

How much we'll make and what we'll buy with it. How it's going to change your life and how great it's going to be living at your beach front house. If you think that then you are missing the point. 

You see, to get there you first need to work at it. It's not going to happen overnight. You have to change your mindset. You have to set yourself goals and stick to it. Tell yourself that in 3 months you want to break even. In 1 year you want to make, lets say, R2500.00. 

The numbers are not important here, you have to make up your own. If you see the potential you will make the numbers. I cannot tell what it should be. 

The other thing you are doing is helping people. If I invite people to sign up and they make some extra money, then I have helped someone. We all could do with some extra money. 

Just look at how things have changed since 2006. My electricity bill has just about doubled, my rates and levies are up by 30%, food prices has gone up, the fuel price is up, I can go on and on. Strangely, my salary has not gone up by 30% or 40%. 

The last person I'm going to ask for more money is my boss. I decided to do something about it by signing up with Be Motivated Today. I see the potential and if I can help someone else see it and give that person a way of making some extra money and help him/her, then great. 

I can think of some other great things as well, but this page is about BMT marketing and lets look at some ways. 
  • A good way to start BMT marketing is to send emails out to people in your address book. When you sign up, the people at Be Motivated Today will teach you more about how to go about it. They have a excellent email on this. They also have sample email scripts that you can use. Don't spam! Get the persons permission before you send the email to him.
  • Create a website or blog page. I created a website, this one, and placed a page on my webpage where I review BMT. The BMT webpage is very good at explaining how the system works so I only review it and if the person is interested and serious about making some extra money, he will sign up.
  • Use Google adwords. There are thousands of sites that will explain how google adwords work. I'll just quickly explain the basics. When you search for something in Google, and you get your results, there are some ads on the right of the page. These ads on the right of the results page are google adwords. You basically pay for people to come and visit your page and buy the product. If you are a novice at adwords rather use some of the other methods until you know how it works. It's not too difficult to to use, but if used incorrectly, can cost you money or Google can suspend your account.   
  • Flyers on public notice boards. I think this is another cheap way to do BMT marketing and get great results. You don't even need to design a flyer. Once you sign up, the people at Be Motivated Today already have some great marketing material that you can use. Just choose what you need and print. 
  • Just talk to people. Again the BMT site can help you with this. They have great training on how to interest a prospect in joining for the  free trial. This is by far the easiest and cheapest way to get the message across. What I do is listen while people are talking. Sooner or later the high cost of living will come up and then I do BMT marketing. Don't overdo it. Just tell the person about BMT and what the potential is, if they are really interested, they will check it out and even sign up for the free trial. 
Here I've listed 5 ideas. I have not even used all the methods and in my second month I had over 100 trail members. Some convert, some don't. The ones that do sees the potential and might just upgrade. I don't know. 

Remember one thing, this system can give you extra money and financial freedom for live, with very little effort. How good is that! I believe this is the best MLM system out there. You can check out the others but this one is by far the best.