Cost of Living

Some time a ago a friend of mine sent me an email with an attachment that I thought I should share with you. This ties in to Be Motivated Today which I will talk about after you have had a look at the newspaper clipping.

The attachment was a financial newspaper clipping about the cost of living. I hope I don't infringe any copy right laws or any thing in that line, but I thought I just had to share it with you. It was from a financial newspaper called, finweek.

The prices are in South African rands so to convert to dollars, just divide by 7. This is the exchange rate at the time of writing.

Below the newspaper clipping. Click on the image to enlarge

Cost of living

You actually don't even need to see the prices. Just look at the percent increase in the goods. These increases are over a ten year period form 2002 to 2012. Only ten years! That's quite scary.

Look at the fuel price, that's a 239% increase. Makes you want to go out and buy a bicycle, doesn't it. Not really. Anyway, the point here is that stuff has gone up and your salary hasn't.

Well, not by 239% since 2002 anyway. Imagine if you retired in 2002. Do you think your pension would survive a 239% increase? Think about this very carefully. You might be okay now, but ten years down the line things could be different.

I'm not trying to scare you here, but this is reality. This is how the cost of living has gone up.

Let's talk a bit more about pension funds, policies and annuities. Some years ago, out of the blue, I was contacted by a financial adviser. He wanted to discuss my portfolio with me. You know, all the stuff you pay for every month so you can retire without any money worries.
So agreed to see him. He looked at my policies and annuities and said that I'm well short of providing for my old age. Okay, I said, so what must I do in order to retire without any money worries. He made all kinds of changes and in the end I ended up paying more than what I had for all the new stuff he suggested.

I thought that I'm okay now. I trusted this guy and I thought I did not have to worry about the future. He also said that he will visit me yearly to discuss the growth of the policies and annuities I just took out.

Now, financial advisers are like car salesmen. They never stick to a company for long and this guy was no different. I never heard from him again. I'm not slamming him for leaving for greener pastures, but he could have at least introduced me to his successor. Whoever that was.

It's about relationships. This was not the first time that this has happened. Since I started taking out policies and annuities this was the case. None of these people ever contacted me again after I signed on the dotted line. Every time a new one came, he painted a bleaker picture than the guy before and so on and so on.

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make here is that every time a financial adviser looked at my portfolio, he said it's not enough and that I had to take out more and more.

"We will move this policy there, that annuity here and bump up the pension fund there and then you are sorted". They usually say. I've heard it all before.

Let me tell you, it's never enough. Looking at the cost of living you'll have to pay thousands of dollars to retire comfortably. Your policy payments will go up each year and inflation will go up more. These products cannot keep up with inflation. The percentage interest you earn on these policies rarely achieve what they say they would.
I got so fed up with all of this that I cancelled all my annuities and pension funds except my death and disability cover. This is to provide for my family when I'm gone or disabled. At least I know what I get when I die, if you know what I'm saying.

People just cannot believe this when I tell them.

"What, are you crazy? How will you live when you retire? You must have a pension fund or retirement annuity or something! That's how it works, man!"

Well, I do. But I have something much better. I will get to it in a moment. Just one more thing.

The problem I have with pension funds and retirement annuities is that you pay an amount every month and you only see the money when you retire. Who knows what can happen to the markets in this period.

Just think of the financial crisis we had in 2008. Your hard earned money's value declined drastically during this period and it's not over yet. Now there's a crisis in Europe, at the time of writing. When will this madness end?

What if you could control how your money grows? Not just that, but what if you could use that money every month instead of paying into some financial institutions bank account.

Well, that's what I do and that's how I intend to provide for my old age and beyond. I'm using a very simple multi level marketing system called, Be Motivated Today. It's the only MLM system I have used that works. Below there are links to my Be Motivated Today website and other info. I want you to read the entire page first before you click anywhere.

Now I know a lot of you will sigh and say, "Not another pyramid scheme, please!"

No it's not. Any MLM system has a structure that's similar to a pyramid. But pyramid schemes does not offer any value. You give your money and hope others will do the same.

I'm not going to explain the difference between pyramid schemes and MLM's here. I already have a page on that. You can read it here. But come back and read the rest.

I want to concentrate on the value Be Motivated Today adds. Again I can hear you sigh and say, "Come on man, we've been through this whole multi level marketing, network marketing thing. It does not work."

This is why most people all over the world are poor and will remain poor. They just don't want to believe that one can be successful with this kind of business. I don't blame them, I was like that. The thing is, you have to find the right one. I did not like the phoney meetings and constant selling of products of some of these MLM's.

The products were also way too expensive. In today's financial climate you want something that's affordable for everybody.

I do believe in the network marketing or multi level marketing system. It makes sense. But you need the right one and I have found it. See my links below. I want to talk about the high cost of living here.

Once you understand the system and how it works, you will see the potential. You will then want everybody to sign up. Unfortunately people just don't get it. They think you must constantly sell and add people to their matrix to stay in.

Not true. Well, not with Be Motivated Today anyway. You don't need an army of people in your first level. You need two or four, at most. Below there are two diagrams taken from the Be Motivated Today website on how the commission structure works.

The first is if you have two members under you and the second is if you have three members. They have recently changed their strategy on the amount of members on your first generation. This is only to compensate for members that cancel their subscriptions for whatever reason. 

Be Motivated Today or BMT, for short, works on levels. You start as a silver member and work your way up to platinum. This is where you want to be and this is where you want your members to be.

If you look at the first picture you will see that you need only 2 people below you. The figures are based on you and your down line being platinum members.
Be Motivated Today levels 
As a platinum member you earn more commission which is normal. The thing I want to point out here is the fact that if you get 2 people and those two get two and those two get two and so on will eventually add up.

You also earn commission up to level 9. This is pretty cool for a network marketing system. Some systems only go down three levels.

Look at the figures, $7000 dollars a month is not bad at all. You get this money every month until you die, and then it's transferred to your spouse or siblings. How's that for a retirement annuity. Not too shabby. This is only an example. You can earn much more than this or less than this. It all depends on you.

You see, you don't need to keep recruiting and recruiting. Two is enough. If they can get two people that's excited about the system and those two get two and so on and so on. See the potential here?

The following picture shows a strategy where you have three members on your first generation and then those three get three and so on. The earning potential for this new strategy is substantially more than with the two members. 

Be motivated today with three levels

Remember that this may happen in a perfect world. The above diagram shows the earning potential if you have exactly 3 members and those three get three and so on. This will not be the case in the real world.

You might have 3 and those three might only get 2 or 1 and some of those will get three and 2 and..I hope you get the idea. It's a very powerful passive income system and very effective. But you have to work. This is no free lunch.

The monthly payment is low. The creator of BMT made it affordable to all. You can join for a free 14 day trial. The products are motivational in nature and the best thing is you don't have to sell anything. BMT is based on a subscription service which consists of daily pep talk emails, motivational e-Books, audio and video downloads.

If you don't start to make money or at least break even in your first 6 months, then you get a full refund. All your subscriptions are paid back to you. 

You should not even think about a refund. You should immediately see the benefits and start recruiting. Get exited, tell your friend your girlfriend your parents even the person in front of you in the queue getting his quarter pounder with cheese. 

You don't have to go to meetings or trainings. All the material is on the BMT website when you sign up. Your up line sponsor will also assist you if you need help and if he or she cannot, then you can go straight to the BMT administration people or even the founder, Arnfried Klein Werner himself. 

Things are only getting more expensive. The cost of living is going up. Is your retirement annuity enough? Is your pensions fund enough? If it is, then good for you, but why are you reading this. If you are sure you have provided enough for your old age then you should not be reading this.

Sad thing is, very few people are. I'm not trying to scam you here. I know what it feels like to loose your job. I have been there. It's no joke. I'm showing you a way to provide for you and your family for years to come. 

It does not cost much, it's easy to do and you can help others do the same. Take this info and do with it what you like. You can ignore it at continue your search for riches on the internet or you can try the free trial and see what it's all about.

If it's not for you, then fine. But maybe it is and you can help lot's of others that's also in financial trouble. Financial institutions cannot guarantee you a growth rate of 12 or 13 percent, but you can. If you do the work and understand what I've written here, then you will be successful.  

I hope I succeeded in showing you that the cost of living is a reality but that there is something that you can do about it. You have to start doing something about it though. Just reading about it helps a little but you have to do something about it. If you don't like BMT then find something else. Anything that fits in with the way you do things, but do something. The cost of living is only getting tougher and tougher. 

Sign up for a free 14day trail or you can read more about Be Motivated Today on my website here.

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