AdWords account suspended

If you are an affiliate marketer, then beware of getting your google adwords account suspended. I got mine suspended a couple of months ago and I'm still not sure what I did wrong. I have mailed Google numerous times to find out why I was suspended, but they keep on pointing me to their terms and conditions web page.

Maybe it was my own stupidity. I did not really know how adwords worked before I started using it. I was relying on someone else who told me how to setup adwords. Little did I know that these guys had no clue about the terms and conditions. I wonder if they have even read it. 

If you think of using Google AdWords, then read the T's and C's carefully. Make sure you understand exactly what they mean before you start your first campaign. There is a lot of stuff you must adhere to. Some of the conditions might be open for interpretation, others are very clear.

The story
I first got a warning email from google where they told me that my adwords campaigns do not adhere to their terms and conditions. I also had to fix it before I started my campaigns again. 

I must say, I was quite disappointed. I trusted these, so called, adwords guru's to help me setup my ads and instead they got me a warning. So, I went and read the terms and conditions and made sure my landing pages were okay. I spent a lot of time and followed the T's and C's set out on the adwords web page to the letter. 

So I thought. I started my campaigns again and for two years I got no warnings  or anything from Google. Then one day, I changed one of my campaigns and added another ad to it. Two days later I got a mail saying my Google adwords account is suspended and I will no longer be able to run my ads. 

Just like that. No further warnings, no explanations why, nothing. I checked my ads then I double checked my ads and mailed the adwords team. They keep on referring me back to their terms and conditions. After some investigation I found that you are not allowed to point two different ads in the same campaign to the same url. 

Well, I think this is what I did wrong. I'm not sure. If this is indeed the case, then I think it's stupid. 

If you are an affiliate marketer, then good luck with Google adwords. I get the idea that they don't want your business. If you have a physical product or service that you want to promote, then Google will love you.

Does it bother me?
Not at all. I'm actually glad they suspended me. This made me look for other ways to do PPC advertising. It also made me work harder to get organic search engine traffic to my websites. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your organic traffic grows as you add content.

It just confirms that you are, indeed, doing it right. I also looked at other advertisers such as Bing. They offer similar services to adwords and they are much more flexible. I also found some pretty decent advertisers in my country that only display ads for my region. They are also much cheaper. 

What can you do if your Google adwords account is suspended?
Not much, from what I've heard and seen. There are websites that claim they know how to get you back into adwords but I have not tried it. They usually also charge to get you back. Maybe you could give this option a go. 

Don't put all your eggs in one basket
Try to use more than one advertiser. Use alternatives such as bing or facebook ads. I have tried to use facebook ads, but they are also pretty strict on their conditions. If you are promoting work from home systems, then you'll have a pretty tough time placing ads.  I'm in the process of looking at Bingads. 

I mostly use local advertising companies in my country such as Ad Dynamo. They are really flexible with their ads and they have physical people that I can contact if I need help. 

Don't rely on Google alone. I know they have the biggest share in the search engine market, but try to diversify. If Google works for you, then great, use them. But try to use other advertisers as well. This will also promote a bit of competition between the search engine giants. This would mean that we as consumers get a better service.