MLM or Multi Level Marketing
Why I won with the APIC system

Say the word Multi Level Marketing business and everybody immediately thinks, pyramid scheme, scam, nonsense, don't waste my time. I don't expect them to think any different. After all I lost a great deal of money on one of these MLM businesses!. 

Let me explain. 

Some years ago I received a letter in the mail. In the letter they ask you just the right questions like, are you happy with your job, do you make enough money, are you financially secure, can you do with R3000 to R5000 or even more per month. I can go on and on. 

They also explain how easy the business is and that anyone can do it. They give training and seminars and they have this great support structure. I mean they make this sound so great that I was sold immediately. Well at that stage of my life I was fed up with my job and I wanted to start my own business. 

This was also my first MLM letter I got so I had no idea what this was all about. I wrote back said I was interested, signed up and went to one of their meetings. To make a long story short, I failed dismally. I lost about R15000.00. I was devastated and vowed to never be caught like this again.

You see, the first problem of a MLM is people. You need people to join and people are skeptic about this sort of thing. I was so frustrated with people not seeing the bigger picture. The funny thing is that if you ask most people if they can do with some extra money, they immediately say yes. 

But they are not willing to do anything to get it. I don't know how on earth are you going to get more money if you don't do something. I used to lay the plan down for people and they laughed at me. I'm not joking, they laughed or just put the phone down in my ear. So the first thing about these businesses is, people are sceptic. 

I still believe that this sort of business can give you a good passive income. I saw the potential immediately and not just for me, but I thought if I can help others how great would that be.

The second thing about MLM is the product. If it is too expensive people are not going to buy it. That's it.  It doesn't matter how good the product, if it is too expensive you need to be a excellent sales person to sell it and I'm not a excellent sales person.

The third thing is honesty. Don't lie. What really  made me mad was the fact that at these meetings people lied about their income with MLM's. They would go up to the podium and say because of the MLM they now drive 4x4's and travel the world and this and that. If you only make R20.00, say you only make R20.00 extra.

The fourth and last thing is, you have to constantly add people to your network or you will be kicked of. I really tried to convince people about how great the product was but no one listened. Maybe I wasn't a good enough salesman. My network just did not grow and I gave up and was kicked off.    

Don't get me wrong, I'm not slamming these particular MLM's. There are some people that earn a good amount of money from the business and great for them. Rather find out from them how they succeeded than listening to me. They saw the potential and they went for it. I did not fail, I quit. I just was not a good salesman. 

Like I said, I still believe that this sort of business is they way to go for a true passive income. If I could find one that 

  1. People would actually want to join 
  2. Low cost 
  3. Honest 
  4. You don't have to constantly add people to stay in 
  5. Operate it on the internet.
After ten years I found a different system, Automated Passive Income Creator (APIC).  It's called: Be Motivated Today

What I like about this APIC system is that you can first try it for free. What I mean is, you can register for a free 14 day trial and if you like it you can sign up for a low monthly cost. 

Personally I don't like to sell physical products and at  Be Motivated Today you don't. The product is digital and motivational, and you don't sell it to others. After you sign up as a bronze member you get these products as part of your subscription.   

In these days, with the country in recession, most of us can do with a little extra income. In 2006 when the interest rates started climbing I nearly lost my home. If I had started with this earlier, I probably wouldn't have worried at all. 

I'm also a sceptic of MLM's but Be Motivated Today is not a MLM it's an APIC system and it looks like the real deal. I've just started so no I'm not earning thousands of dollars but I'm willing to give it a try. After six months I've covered my subscription and I'm earning a couple of hundred rand. 

The great thing about this system is that you get your money back after 6 months if you don't start making money in 6 months.

Maybe this is just the right thing for you and if you can generate a passive income from this system then great, I've helped you and you could help others in the same way. 

Don't just strike because your boss or company doesn't give you more money. Don't rely on your boss to give you more money. It's not his job to make sure you can cover your payments in tough times. Get up and start to do something about it. 

With this system it is possible that you could earn more than what your boss gives you a month and if he sees you are successful maybe he'll sign up as well. You never know. We must stop our moaning and groaning about our current situations and start doing something about it