Do most people fail at MLM or Multi-Level Marketing?

This is a common misconception in the world out there. People who make this claim have probably tried some sort of MLM business and did not make it. So, now they go out and slam Multi-Level Marketing and everything it stands for. 

They probably did not make it because they either were not supported enough by their up-line or they did not believe in the system and worked hard enough to achieve success.  

You see, earning a passive income is not as easy as you think. You have to work at it. You have to constantly support the members you sponsored. If you don't they will become discouraged and quit. This means you have to put some work into it. You have to stay in touch with your members and support them.

Let me explain with an example.

Some time ago I tried my hand at playing golf. So, I went out and bought some golf clubs, got the appropriate clothes and invested in some training videos. I watched the training videos and started practicing at a driving range.

I thought it was pretty easy and soon I hit the ball straight and quite far. I did this for a couple of weeks. When I thought I was ready, I booked a game at one of my local golf courses in the area. 

It did not go well. I struggled to hit the ball correctly and I was constantly searching for the ball in the rough. When I eventually got the ball on the green, I spent about 5 to 6 puts to get it in the hole! Man, it was tough. 

I did not give up and tried a couple more times. I must say, I never really enjoyed the experience. You have to walk very far and spend most of your time searching for that white little ball in the rough. Not nice. 

The last game I played I lost a total of 18 balls. You heard right, 18 balls! I decided then and there that I would place a bag over my golf clubs and store it in my garage. I have not played a game of golf or went to the driving range since that day. I quit!

I did not fail, I quit. Things might have been different if I got some professional help. Maybe a lesson or two would have done the trick. I think things could have been different if I just stuck to it and practiced more. Maybe it would have helped if I played with a pro that could help me while on the course.

The thing is, I had a bad experience and that made me quit. What I did not do, is set up a website and slammed the game of golf. I did not post articles on golfing blogs and slammed the equipment or badmouthed the training videos. I just quit because I thought it was to hard and not enjoyable.

I cannot understand then why people go out and slam multi-level marketing or network marketing businesses. People right over the world are earning a good passive income from this. They saw the opportunity, bought the product and went through the training. Just as I did with my golfing experience. 

They did not fail, they quit!. There is a big difference. Maybe they did not understand the business that well, maybe they did not receive the proper support. Network marketing is not for everyone. If you quit then fine, but there is no reason to go out and discourage other people not to do it or to post articles on blogs that say MLM is a scam and pyramid scheme.

There are lots of scams out there, I agree, but do your research. The network marketing company I'm involved in called, Be Motivated Today, have been around for years. If they were not legitimate then they would have been closed down a long time ago. 

So what I want to say here is that most people do not fail at MLM. Most people quit. They have their reasons and I respect that. Remember one thing, it's not a get rich quick system and you have to work at it constantly. In the end the reward are there.

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