It's going to take time
Don't quit

We live in an age where everything happens in fast forward. We want things done yesterday and not tomorrow. We want to invest money and we expect to see results immediately. We want to invest $100 and expect be millionaires in 1 week. 
Every month Be Motivated Today sends you a newsletter via email. This newsletter is very informative and Arnfried discusses how the company is doing and so on. One such email caught my attention. People who sign up usually want results straight away. They want to make lots of money in their first month.
If they don't get, then they quit. They make it out as a scam and discourage others to join. They don't put in some effort. They don't give it a chance. I decided to share this newsletter with you because the creator of Be Motivated Today is a motivational speaker and he just knows how to word things.
Below is part of the newsletter he sent for August 2012. Please read this, it's very informative:  
I remember when my wife and I struggled financially. It was tough and we needed money badly. Those were difficult days and we sometimes became impatient that our Network Marketing business was growing slowly. (This was when we were still involved in a well known NM company and before I started Be Motivated Today)
Perhaps you are in a situation where you may be battling financially. The most important thing is to keep your perspective.
You probably need money right away and don't have time to wait. But this business is not an instant money opportunity and you probably would not have joined if we told you it was.
So the key is to keep your perspective, realizing that huge changes don't happen instantly. You need to persevere and take the long-term view when running your NM business. It simply does not grow big over-night. You have to give it 2 to 5 years of consistent effort.
Keep working with your team, encouraging them, and keep inviting people. Our successful members did that from the beginning and keep doing that. And that is why they keep earning good money even though they only need to work 1 or 2 hours per day.
You see you have to do the work now to get the pay-off later. I know it is hard work sometimes. I remember. But we persevered and succeeded.
You can't expect a passive income for life on 2 or 10 months work. And you won't succeed if you work 30 minutes twice a week. You have to put 5 - 10 hours a week in every week. You probably work 40 hrs a week for a paycheck that's not enough to last the month. So then you can't expect to work 1 - 3 hrs a week for 2 - 5 months to get a big passive income. It just does not make sense. In the beginning, when I started Be Motivated Today, I worked 10 hours a day and I still work at least 4 hrs a day after 4 years.
For you to reach your financial goals, you need to have a similar perspective: Take a long-term view and keep working consistently at it. - Keep inviting new people and lead your team to success.
Don't default on your Debit Order
We want you to make money. One of the ways we help you is when your upline leader puts people under you. But if your debit order is not paid 2 months in a row, your membership is canceled.
In fact whenever debit orders bounce 2 things happen:
Many people lose money. Between 3 and 9 people up the line no longer earn commissions from the person who did not pay their subscriptions.
And worse: Instead of putting new members under the members, who defaulted on their debit orders, we have to too 'replace' them with new members.
So if we have 250 new members but 230 members defaulted for a second time on their debit orders, then we only have a net growth of 20 members and the matrix does not really grow. So everyone ends up making less money. If we did not have so many people canceling and defaulting on their debit orders we would double the company membership every 12 months. But because so many memberships are canceled because of not paying subscriptions, our growth is only 1 to 5% per month. And some months we have negative growth - a net loss.
That means everyone loses in the long term.
I want to urge you: Don't cancel or default on your monthly subscriptions. Keep up your payments and we will be able to put members under you. We all need to work together in this, otherwise we all lose. And if we work together, we all win.

I try to encourage my down-line but at times they cancel after the first month. I cannot apply the depth builder strategy effectively if people cancel their subscriptions. I need to see who is willing to give it a go and who does not. I wait a while to see how my new silver members are doing before I apply the depth builder strategy.
Like Tom Cruise says in the movie "Jerry McGuire", "Help me, Help you"
If you would like to join Be Motivated Today sign up for a free 14 day trial here.