Passive income Product Reviews

In the product reviews page, I discuss various products that I use to make money from the internet.

I have bought and used all of these products myself. They are not just affiliate links I post on this page. 

Be Motivated Today is my top money maker at the moment. It's a very simple and easy system to implement and its very low cost. I'm earning a generous income from this at the moment.

The e-Book that got me started with online money making was Pieter Pretorius's "Create a Passive Income". I really like his honesty and the way he describes the various ways to make money online. It's a great book that gets to the point and stays there.

I also do some forex trading, but be warned!. This is not for everyone. I have lost a lot of money in the beginning because I was not prepared enough. I thought I was ready for live trading and I wasn't.

I have bought and used some forex robots and to tell you the truth, they don't work that well. They might work for a period of time, but then as the market changes, they start losing. I have written a page about this. Please see it here.

I have played around programming forex robots, and making money with it is not that simple. The thing is that a program you write will always do the same thing no matter what. It does not know about natural disasters or conflicts in countries or political issues. That's why I prefer manual trading.

Demo trade for as long as you can. Get a strategy that works and stick to it. I also use the "1 minute daily" forex trading strategy and it's part of my product reviews. This is actually a strategy that I bought. You can do it manually or use the expert adviser that comes with it. An expert adviser is just another name for a forex robot. It's just a program that trades automatically for you.

I don't use the ea anymore. I just trade manually. But the performance of this system has also lost it's charm. It doesn't do that well anymore. You make 50 and then lose 50. It's very up and down.

Have a look at these systems. There might be just one that fits you. I still have a day job and my time is limited to working on making money online. These product reviews on the page won't take too much of your time. 

Create A Passive Income - Pieter Pretorius

The first eBook I bought on the subject and I'm glad I did. Easy to understand and the author gives actual examples of a concept. Includes a whole host of money making ideas, from affiliate marketing all the way to web hosting and Forex. Top read!

Be Motivated Today  -  Now International

Also known as, Automated Passive Income Creator (APIC) system. This is the only Multi Level Marketing system I have used that actually gives me a passive income. I tried most of them out there and this is by far the easiest and most affordable one out there. You don't need to convince people to buy expensive products or build a huge level 1 matrix. You only need 2-5 people below you. They also have a great support system.

If you think all online money making systems are scams and don't work, then give this one a try. You have to put some work in. Nothing happens automatically. Read the review and try it yourself. Great long term potential. 

The Super Affiliate Handbook  -  Rosalind Gardner

Great source for affiliate marketing. Rosalind created a eBook with lots of information and examples on making money using affiliate programs. The author also gives examples and great links to sources that she uses. Top read.

1 Minute Daily Forex Trading Strategy

NOTE: I have used this strategy for some time, but recently I have put trading with the "1 minute daily" on ice. You might still want to have a look at it. I use my own strategy that I'm live testing for a while now. It's based on the 1 Minute Daily strategy.  

1MinuteDaily is a proof that trading is really easy. Everything you need is to learn the mechanical system, place the orders every day at given time and turn off your PC. Trade just one minute daily and enjoy the freedom!