Tips for Google
How can I get more hits?

Have you ever wondered about your websites setup in terms of getting traffic? Are you doing the right thing?. Should I use the meta tags? How many times should I use my keywords in the page? Will Google penalize me for using a keyword too much? What is too much? What is too little? What this? What that? Why this? Why that? 

If you have a website and traffic is few and far in between, then you have probably asked yourself the above questions. To be honest with you, no one really knows. Some people say they do know, but you have to pay them to get the answer. You have no guarantee that they will deliver on their promise. You have to pay and see. 

Some say they have the answer for free. You download the free eBook, but most of the stuff you don't understand but implement anyway cause the book tells you to. 

Then nothing happens. You still only get the stray visitor from time to time. Hmmmm, time to search Google, you think. You type in "Search Engine Optimization tips" or "SEO tips" or "How to get traffic to my site" or whatever you can think of to get some results. 

Bam!, 2,000,000 hits. The first couple of pages is pure nonsense. (I don't know why, but I always find that the first 5 or so results is purely nonsense) You decide to click a couple of links, read a couple of pages and when you check the time, 3 hours has passed and you are still nowhere.

Does this sound familiar? If not, then click on one of my other blog posts, cause this is not for you. 

This was my scenario for the better part of 1 and a half years. I got stuck with SEO and web design tricks and eBooks and I don't know what. I was irritated, seriously irritated. Then one day, while searching Google again, I found a link to a short 2 min video on YouTube. I cannot remember what I searched for that day, but the link really caught my eye. 

So I clicked the link and what I heard on that clip changed the way I built my web pages. I cannot remember the persons name that made the clip and it wasn't a professional created clip. No, it was just a guy that turned his web cam on and said what was on his mind.

Again, I cannot remember word by word what he said, but it went something like this:

People often ask me how do I get all this traffic to my site? What super guru karate tricks I use? Where can we buy your eBook and implement your cool stuff? I looked at them and said, You need two things. Google and good content. That's it. Go to Google and use the help sections in Google on how to setup your web pages. Google has all the answers. They are, after all, Google. They are the search engine so don't you think they will have the best information? 

The other thing you need is good content. You can try to optimize your website until you are blue in the face. You need good content. People want to visit your site cause they are looking for something. They need an answer to a question or a solution to a problem. Give it to them and they will come.

I only summarized what I had seen on the clip. I haven't a clue what I searched for that day but if I ever find that clip again I will post it on my blog.

So it's Google and good content. Since then I have used Google continuously and registered for most of their services. Whether you like Google or not, it's the top search engine at the moment. I also don't agree with stuff they do. It's just one of those things.