Don't criticise yourself

I used to do this a lot until I received this pep talk email from Be Motivated Today. It really made me think about this in a new way.

When we make silly mistakes, we often criticise ourselves with comments like: “What an idiot!” or “I'm so stupid!” or “I'm such a cluts sometimes”.

So you made a mistake. So what!! Who doesn't? You don't have to insult yourself for it. You don't need to smack yourself across the fingers, so-to-speak. Don't use negative words about yourself.

Make a commitment to yourself that you will not say such destructive things.

Or when we do something wrong at work or let someone down, we are quick to criticise ourselves and feel guilty instead of accepting that we make mistakes from time to time. We tell ourselves: “I'm so stupid, now everyone thinks that I'm an idiot.”

Running yourself down helps no one. In fact, if people hear you criticising yourself they will have less respect for you. And it can only discourage you. It will not encourage.

Sometimes others have unrealistic expectations of us.  Don't feel that you have to meet their expectations.  You don't. Discuss it with them and agree on what can be expected.

Never run yourself down to yourself or in front of others.

We all make mistakes, but we don't have to make a big deal of them or punish ourselves for making them. Admit that you made a mistake, but learn from it like the winner you are, and just say: “I won't do that again!”

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