Whose responsibility are your finances?

Another great email I got from Be motivated Today is this one. I did exactly what was mentioned in this pep talk and I realized I had to take this head on and take action. 

This is an obvious question of course - it's your responsibility. But I have found in my own life that I have acted as if my finances are not my responsibility. 

What I mean is: I would, kind of, forget that there are school fees that will need to be paid in three months and there may not be enough money. Or that in 2 years when my children are both in high school the fees will be double what they are now. Or that in 10 years when I want to retire, I will need 1000 times my monthly salary invested or have enough assets to provide for my retirement.

You see, these thoughts can be quite stressful and it's easy to ignore them. But you have to play it forward and take a serious look into the future to see if you will be OK financially. When you 'go there' in your mind, you may get a shock as you realize that in the next few years you will be facing financial challenges that you cannot meet. And the economy is not getting any better.

Challenges such as:
  • Everything is becoming more expensive.
  • You will need to replace your car at some stage.
  • You may have additional medical bills, as you get older, that your medical aid will not cover.
  • There's your children's high school, college or university education to pay for.
  • You have been wanting to take your family on a once-in-a-life-time holiday for years, and time is running out.
  • There is some serious home maintenance that will cost a small fortune.
  • And then of course there is your retirement and paying off the mortgage bond at the same time.
I mean these can make you depressed just thinking about them. And I don't blame you.

But if you have hope that there is a way to meet these financial challenges, then you will not get despondent and ignore the potentially depressing thoughts.

And if you are working your Be Motivated Today business you can be confident that you will achieve your financial goals and not be caught by these challenges.

You can be confident because we have 'upped our game' to give you better training and a better chance of succeeding with new strategies such as our new Team Support Strategy.

This strategy takes an understanding of people and uses that so that you do what works.

You see, people need hope, encouragement and support if they are going to succeed in their finances - long-term. And that is what the new Team Support Strategy is all about. With the economy and financial pressures we face, we all need a friend who will give us hope and support us to face the future knowing that we will be fine, financially.  

So I encourage you: Don't be discouraged about your future financial challenges. If you start to today, in 2 to 5 years you can have turned your finances around completely. I know there are a thousand offers on the Internet to make a $10,000 in the next 3 months with the 'latest secret'. But it always requires work/sales and it is NOT passive income. 

Creating a good passive income requires consistent work for 2 - 5 years - at least. Don't be fooled by the lies you read on the Internet.

To see this strategy in action, join here for a free 14day trial or read more about it on my website here.

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